The Public Works Department is located behind the Municipal building at 11 municipal drive.  The Department is comprised of a working foreman, three other full time workers. The Department is responsible for approximately 66 miles of roadway inclusive of paving, maintenance  and repair, street sweeping, snow removal, storm sewers, and sign replacement. In addition, the Public Works Department maintains and services its own equipment and vehicles.


Road  and Streets 

Hanover Township maintains 66 miles of streets and roads. The mileage seems much greater when removing snow in the subdivisions with cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets, and double that mileage when considering plowing snow or mowing along both sides of the road. Our road and maintenance crew has done a wonderful job with our roads and welcomes your input when problems arise concerning our Township roads.  


The goal is to maintain safe driving conditions for the residents, school buses and emergency vehicles.

*To avoid having your driveway plowed shut by the Township crews after having spent a lengthy time opening it, please clear an area on the ?upstream? side of your driveway entrance. This will allow space for the snow plow to deposit snow without leaving snow at the driveway entrance.

*The township has 4 snow plows and 4 cinder spreaders. When plowing the roads and subdivisions, it takes 4 passes in the subdivisions which increase our lane mileage.

*The township has a tractor with a wing mower and tractor with an arm mower, which we use to mow township roads 4 or 5 times yearly. All sign post and guardrails are trimmed by hand. 

 *If you have a fire hydrant near your house, feel free to ?adopt? it for the winter, helping to keep it clear and  visible is for your safety.

 * Please do not shovel or plow snow into the street. It is illegal and is dangerous for snow removal operations and the motoring public. If a contractor plows your driveway, make sure he/she doesn't leave snow in the street, push it across on to another person's property or into a drainage ditch. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to monitor your contractor.

                Depositing of Snow and Ice on Township Roadways/State Highways

*Placing and leaving snow in the street could result in a citation from police. Not only does this practice result in unsafe conditions for motorists, it is illegal under Section 3709 (Deposting Waste and Other Material on Highways) of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code
 * The Board of Supervisors has adopted the ?right-of-way? policies of PennDOT and neighboring municipalities.  The policy regards the placement of trees, flower gardens, fences, mailboxes, posts, etc., along the roadway.  The Township will not reimburse for any damages to items placed in its ?right-of-way? caused by snow removal.  It is not the intent of any employee of Hanover Township to willfully cause damage to the property of its residents.  Our equipment will discharge snow in driveways during the course of snow plowing.  This is not done with willful intent, but is a result of normal plowing operation and the moving of snow.

 * The Township is not responsible for damage to mailboxes caused by snowplows since mailboxes are erected on the right-of-way at the property owner's risk. Mailboxes should be placed as far from the right-of-way as possible and still permit access by mail carriers. Mailboxes should be placed on a "firm support." PENNDOT offers suggestions for routine winter operations, as well as your mailbox being damaged by winter maintenance operations. PADOT

   *We ask for your assistance in curtailing the vandalism of road signs and the amount of litter found on Township roadsides. If residents observe the perpetrators of these deeds, please contact the Hanover Township Police Department.
  *If you notice township roadways with dangerous cracks or holes, roadways with debris or accumulated snow, rights-of-way that are encroached by bushes, trees, or other obstructions, or damaged or missing traffic signs and street signs, contact the Road Foreman to report the problem. Drive carefully and obey all road signs and driving regulations. Remember, the life you save may be your own! 

     *When anyone plans building a new driveway access they must apply for and receive a permit prior to work being performed.  This permit allows the Township to assist you in the planning of the project and protects the existing roadway from any potential damage. 

       *Recent Federal Standards also are requiring the Township to change all road signage and street name signs to be more visible to promote safety, enhance traffic operations and facilitate comfort for drivers of all ages and abilities.

       *Before starting any work that requires digging, remember to call the Pennsylvania One Call System at  1-800-242-1776  7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You must give at least three days notice before beginning your project. They will notify the phone company, cable company, water, electric etc. to mark the lines. Note that phone and cable lines are often within 6 inches of the surface. Power digging equipment should not be used within 24 inches on either side of the markings. 

      *  Any road questions can be directed to the Township road department at 724-947-9103 or the Township Road supervisor, Dale Handick.

  *For the Road Department, messages may be left at 724-947-9103 and a representative will call you back as soon as possible.


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