Board of Supervisors   elected 6- year terms

2021  Board of Supervisors
This board consists of three members elected at large for a six-year terms. They set policy, make and adopt all ordinances, by-laws, rules and regulations, and are responsible for the financial condition of the Township.
The Supervisors meet on the third thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Members of the Board of Supervisors are:                                              
Dale Handick Chairman; Herbert Grubbs, Vice-Chairman;  and William Michael Member                       

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  It is a sacred trust to have been selected to help lead this Township.  As the Township grows, the responsibility of those to whom leadership has been entrusted also grows .

The Township Board of Supervisors and I will do our best to serve you.

More importantly, it needs to be remembered and said again and again that it is the people who built this Township and made it what it is today. We are here for one reason and one reason only -


  Herbert Grubbs  Supervisor                                                  email Herb 

Planning Commission   appointed 4- year term 

 Planning Commission
Reviews all of the proposed plans for development within the Township. They meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month, as necessary, at 7:30 p.m. Members are: Dave Neeley Chairman, William Zickefoose, Brian BeyerbachTed Shiska, and Herb Grubbs.

Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals    appointed yearly

Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals 
Established to comply with the mandates of the Uniform Construction Code. Meetings will be held when an appeal is made to the Uniform Construction Code.

 Members are: David B. Miller Paul Paden and Dave Donati .

Zoning Hearing Board   appointed 3-year terms.

Zoning Hearing Board
This board is a quasi-judicial body that hears and decides appeals from landowners seeking a Special exception or a variances to the zoning ordinances. The Zoning Hearing Board meets when needed.

Members are: Ron Fox, Mary Lemmi and Dick Hall .

Zoning Hearing Board meetings are scheduled as needed by the Zoning Hearing Board

Sewer Authority -  appointed 5 year terms

Members are Greg Call Chairman,  Timothy Seech Vice Chair, Chris Trudy, member Nancy Volkner Secretary/ Treasurer, and Donnie Grey member.

Vacancy Board  Shawn Miller  --  Emergency Management cordinator  James Donahue

Board of Auditors   (elected 6-year term)
.There are three auditors on this board .                                                                                                               They are: Mary Miller,
and Bert Mills.and Elaine Nadik Nilon 

Hanover Volunteer Fire Department 

Hanover Volunteer Fire Department         9 Starck drive Burgettstown,Pa.15021 

Learn more about the 
Hanover Volunteer Fire Department website

The emergency number for the fire department is 911. The business number for the fire department for info on membership, hall rental, special events, etc., is (724) 729-3929

Hanover Township Seeks Residents
To Serve On Boards

The Hanover Township Supervisors is looking to appoint residents who are interested in serving on one of the many Volunteer boards, and commissions which make up an important part of the Township's local government.

    The Township wants to attract residents who are genuinely interested in  rolling up their sleeves and actively participate in the decision making process.  No particular skill or qualification is needed-only a willingness to devote one's  time and energies.

The boards, and commissions listed below have vacant positions:

Zoning Hearing Board,  Member plus two (2) alternate positions  1-year term.


 If you are interested in being considered, please send a letter and/or resume. Your letter should state the board or commission you would like to serve on, the reasons why, and any background information that would be helpful to the Township Supervisors in considering your application.

Pa. Ethics Law  requires the filing of a State mandated Financial Disclosure Statement each year by board members.

All Township Meetings of boards and committees are governed by the Sunshine Law. (open meeting law)

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