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It is helpful for all residents of our community to have a basic knowledge and understanding of how your local government operates, and the duties and responsibilities of your elected officials. In this respect, the following is a summary of the duties and functions of the Township Govering Body, and the services provided by the various departments in delivering services to the community.

The Township of Hanover is organized as a Township form of municipal government as set forth under the second class township code. The elected Supervisors of our Township are the members of the Township governing body of the municipality. The Township has a three (3) member board of supervisors whose terms of office begin on the first monday of January  following the preceding general election. Each member holds office for a term of six years. Since the Township is not divided into wards, the five members of the governing body serve at large, and represent all of the people of the Township and not any one particular section or area.

On the first monday of January of every year, State law requires that the Township Board of Supervisors convene a reorganization meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to reorganize the government whereby the governing body makes appointments of individuals to various boards, commissions and committees for the purpose of conducting the business of the Township. Other business matters also take place at this annual meeting.

It is during the traditional January  Reorganization Meeting that the members of the governing body elect one of their number as Chairman of the Board whose responsibility it is to preside at all meetings of the Township Supervisors.

As the policy making board, the Township Supervisors responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the adoption of ordinances (Township laws), approval of resolutions, preparation of the calendar year operating budget, management of finances, establishing the municipal tax rate, appointing such officers as may be necessary to perform those duties required by law and ordinances, and to execute and perform all the executive responsibilities of the municipality .

The Township Supervisors meets  monthly on the third Thursdays of each month. The governing body meets  at 7:30 p.m. in the meeting Room at the Municipal Building. When legal and personnel issues are discussed, portions of the meeting may be closed to the public in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act. A more formal public session is held at 7:30 p.m. in the Meeting Room, at which time ordinances and resolutions are voted upon, and members of the public are given an opportunity to voice their comments. Members of the public may also address the governing body at a designated time during the meeting.

You are cordially invited to attend the Township meetings to ask questions or make statements.

House Numbering


Standard addressing has been assigned and has greatly assisted emergency responders in finding houses. However, you must be a responsible property owner or renter and make sure that your house number is clearly visible from the road. Only labeling your mailbox will ensure you get your mail, however will not assist emergency responders in finding your house, costing crucial minutes and that is totally unacceptable. Many times emergency responders are not able to find a residence because no house number is affixed in a clear location. Remember, emergencies occur at both day and night so reflective numbering in a clearly visible location will greatly assist emergency responders in the time of need.

 Reflective Number Signs are available at the Township Office



 Post your old photo in our gallery.

We welcome any Township resident who has an old photo of a special or landmark place in

Hanover Township to bring the photo to the Township Office for a posting in our website photo gallery. The picture will be returned to you.




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