June 6, 2019 Revised

ZONING CERTIFICATE (When No Building Permit Required)

  1. Unattached garages and storage sheds less than 1000 sq. ft., green house, carports: $25.00
  2. Agricultural Building: $25.00
  3. Swimming Pools-permanent above ground if less than 2 ft. deep: $25.00
  4. Commercial Structures - $25.00 (less than 200 sq.ft.)


1. Road Bonds: $12,500 per mile paved

$6,000 per mile unpaved

Pre & Post Inspection Fees at Cost Set by Engineer

2. Road Encroachment Permits $55.00 application fee + Permit fee set by ordinance

3. Road Bore/Cuts: $300.00 Application Fee + $1000.00 Engineering Fee

Copies $0.25 each copy (first 4 copies free per day)

Color Copies $0.25 each copy

Certified Copy $1.00 per document

Faxes $0.50 per page

E-Mail 2 free then $5.00 each

Hard copy media (CD) $15.00

Lien Letter $25.00 per parcel

Zoning Certificate - Residential $25.00 (Building Permit Required)

Zoning Certificate – Commercial $50.00 (Building Permit Required)

Zoning Change $750.00 + cost incurred plus zoning officer fee ($55.00 per hour)

Zoning Appeal $750.00 + cost incurred plus zoning officer fee ($55.00 per hour)

Floodplain Permit $100.00 plus Engineering Cost, if any

Conditional Use $350.00

Conditional Use (Spec. Hearing) $750.00 + cost incurred

Site Plan Review $100.00 + Engineering Escrow Bond of $750.00(surplus returned)

Subdivision Fee $30.00 + Engineering Cost, if any ($15.00 each additional lot)

Major Subdivision $100.00 + Engineering Escrow Bond $750.00 (surplus returned)

Zoning Books $25.00 Each

Mileage Per IRS Standard

911 Addressing Signs $10.00 for two-sided sign with numbers

$7.00 for one-sided sign with numbers

Incident Report $15.00 (free for Residents, copy fee applies)

Accident Report $15.00 (free for Residents, copy fee applies)

Investigative Information $0.25 per page

Sending Photos: E-Mails $10.00

Hard Copy on CD $15.00

WCSC Resident Complaint Filing $130.00 Due at filing (refundable if malfunction confirmed)

Uniform Construction Code Appeals Residential - $500.00 Non-residential - $600.00

Duplicate Tax Bill $ 3.00 (payable to Charleen Grey)

Tax Certification Letter $10.00 per year (payable to Charleen Grey)

*All fees must be paid in advance and are made payable to Hanover Township. Additional legal, engineering or inspection fees will be billed at their current hourly rate for subsequent reviews or inspections.

**Developers and/or contractors are responsible for any legal or engineering fees/expenses that may be incurred by Hanover Township in order to insure compliance with Township Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances and the Uniform Construction Code. (UCC)