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Hanover Township founded in 1786 and stretching across 47.6 square miles of Washington County, Hanover Township presents an ideal rural tapestry of residential neighborhoods,farms, gameland and commercial & industrial businesses.  

 ( See Hanover Township LAND GRANT  MAP ) from the 1700s

The Township, comprised of Florence,Bavington,Murdockville and Paris, is home to more than 2795 residents. Convenient to the Weirton and Robinson Township shopping areas, air tranportation at Pittsburgh International Airport (only 15 minutes away), and to a network of major highways, our community borders the Townships of Smith, Jefferson and Robinson of Washington County and Hanover Township in Beaver County. We also border to the west the city of Weirton,West Virginia.

                          Pennsylvania's Township Government is Citizen Government

Pennsylvania's local government structure can be a bit bewildering. Pennsylvania's 1,242 townships govern the vast majority of Pennsylvania land area and serve over forty-five percent of Pennsylvania residents.

 Townships were the brainchild of Thomas Jefferson. Andrew Jackson?s philosophy of direct democracy further shaped the township government structure that survives and thrives today.

 Townships embody the values of "grassroots government." In townships, citizens contribute their talents, skills and ideas to preserve the quality of life and to deliver important programs and services.

Township officials live in the communities they serve and stay in touch with ever changing needs. Limited by law in the amount of taxes they can levy, township officials are creative in delivering quality services with the least possible burden to taxpayers.

Efficient. Effective. Accountable. Accessible. Pennsylvania?s township governments embody America?s great democratic principles. Read How the Township Code Happened

                               Hanover's Right-to-Know Procedures

Resolution 2009-1 sets forth Hanover Township?s Right-to-Know Policy for requesting and processing public records requests in accordance with Pennsylvania?s Right-To-Know Law, Act 3 of 2008. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Open Records Officer, Hanover Township, at (724) 947-9109.

All requests for review and/or duplication of public records shall be submitted to the Township in writing. Use the Township?s printable Public Records Review/Duplication Request form, or the State Office of Open Records request form at

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                                     Remember...In an EMERGENCY, always  Dial 9-1-1 



                                  Old computers and monitors disposal

Residents looking for a means of recycling their old computers and monitors are now able to dispose of them responsibly on a year round program being offered by Goodwill Industries in a cooperative effort with Dell Computers. This program can keep these items out of the landfills thus saving landfill space, eliminates harmful contaminents from our environment, and  recycles internal parts and components. Interested? Log on to to locate the most convenient drop-off Goodwill location.


                                                           Municipal Tax Information


   2012   TOWNSHIP BUDGET               

To summarize the impact on the “typical” taxpayer as a result of the 2012 budget projections, the taxpayer will realize no net change to the real estate tax. The Township Tax rate will not increase.


Hanover township  2795 in 2000 


Population in 1990 2883  



 Property Taxes are based on the assessed value of your property.
  Washington County assessment is based on 25% of the market value.

County 24.9 mills  School 114 mills   Township 4 mills                            


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 Earn Income Tax is 1%, and is shared equally by the Township and Burgettstown Area School District. Retirement, Interest, Unemployment, and Social Security are not taxable !

New Web Tool Allows Pennsylvanians to Check Status of Property Tax/Rent Rebates

Eligible older adults and residents with disabilities can now check the status of Property Tax/Rent Rebate applications online at

    Six weeks after submitting a Property Tax/Rent Rebate application, the applicant may visit and check the status of the rebate by entering his/her Social Security number, anticipated rebate amount and birth date.

      If for any reason there is something that you cannot find on this website, please feel free to contact Herb Grubbs and I will be happy to help you with any question you may have. 



Copies of the budget are available at the Municipal Building.

Other Pennsylvania Taxes

 *Cigarette Tax is 31 cents per pack, which is included in the price of cigarettes.


 *Gasoline (Fuel) Tax

 40.7 cents per gallon on gasoline and 51 cents on diesal  fuel ,not counting the federal  18.4-cent bite

 and is included in the price charged at the pump.

2014 Liquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Rates

The following rates are effective Jan. 1, 2014 and apply to tax periods through calendar year 2014. The tax rates will be indicated on future Motor Fuel Tax Reports issued by the Department.

Aviation gasoline
Jet fuel
Liquid fuels (motor gasoline and gasohol)
Fuels (undyed diesel and undyed kerosene)


 *Realty Transfer Tax is collected by Pennsylvania counties at the rate of 1% on    the monetary worth of the real estate.

*Local Gasoline Prices
 Does the high price of gas have you down? Click HERE to go to a website and
enter your zip code to locate the best gas prices in your area.
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 History of Hanover Township Washington County,
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Call Before You Dig, 3 Working Days notice Is The Law

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